10 Ways Naruto is different in the Manga

Anime and Manga go hand-in-hand most of the time as Anime is supposed to be an adaptation of the original Manga and mostly that is the case with most of the anime series. But that’s not always the case as we have seen some great Anime titles that bend the storyline a little to make it more interesting and fun to watch for the viewers.

Naruto is no exception to it, there are many details that make the Anime different from the Manga counterpart, and in this guide, we are going to look at 12 ways Naruto is different in the Manga.

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10- Sasuke in Jail

Sasuke in Jail

In the Anime, Kakashi sentences Sasukeand sends him to prison, where he can be seen spending some time before getting released but in the Manga, Sasuke gets pardoned by Kakashi right away.

9- Longer Fight Scenes

Longer fight scenes

If you have read the Manga, you’d know that the fight scenes take longer in the Anime as they are usually followed by flashbacks from the past. While longer fight scenes are awesome but sometimes they can be too overstretched for your taste.

8- Minato’s Coffin Emerges

Minato emerges from Coffin

In the Manga, when Orochimaru uses his Edo Tensei in order to revive Minato, Tobirama and Hashirama. The two coffins (for Tobirama and Hashirama) emerge from the ground but not the third belonging to Minato as it does in the Anime version.

7- Sakura’s Character

Sakura Haruno pics

Sakura is believed to be the strongest female protagonist in the series as far as the Anime is concerned but, in the Manga, Sakura’s character doesn’t get the attention it deserves which results in weak character development.

5- Jiraya’s Character

jirayas Pic

After Sakura, Jiraya’s character also appears to be a little dumb in the Manga. While in the Anime, he appears to be much more composed, mysterious, and a powerful Sensei.

4- Anime has a lot of fillers

Anime has alot of fillers

Being a Naruto filler fan, we all know that almost 40% of the Anime series is made up of filler episodes. While the fillers are fun to watch, they can be a little confusing at times especially when they contradict the original Manga storyline.

3- Hinata’s Confession


Hinata plays a very important role in Naruto, being the love of each his life and later getting married. In the Manga, however, Hinata’s confession to Naruto doesn’t get much emphasis even though it’s one of the key moments in the series.

2- Anime is less bloody

Anime is less bloody

When it comes to the elements of blood and gore, the Anime version moderates the use both. And shows as little as possible from time to time, only when someone gets seriously injured.

While Manga does not cover up the use of blood and portrays the story as it is.

1-The Appearance of Mecha-Naruto


In the Anime, we can see robot Naruto making a few appearances and fighting the real Naruto, which is totally absurd and doesn’t make any sense.

While, the Manga doesn’t have anything related to mecha-Naruto or the robot Naruto, which makes it, nothing but a boring filler episode in the Anime version.





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