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Akame ga kill

Akame ga Kill is one of the anime series that is based on the manga series called Akame ga Kill written by Manga writer  Takahiro.

The polt of the anime series Akame ga Kill is based on a story of a boy named Tatsumi who moves to a capital city to for fundraising of his poorly developed home.

During his journey, he was accompanied by his other two friends which were later killed in a Bandit attack and he end s up himself in a Nobel family.

Later in the story, the Tatsumi got recruited in an army which was attacked by the Group of Warriors, Night Raid. Soon he found out that the army in which he was recruited had a plan to torture him to death.

Tatsumi joins the Night Raid and gets along with them. The Night Raid comprises of the fearless warriors namely, Akame, Mine, Leone, Sheele, Lubbock, and their leader Najenda.

As the Night raid manages to overthrow the premier, Honest, who was manipulating the young Emperor for his own personal gain and pushing the whole capital to poverty and devastation.

In the meantime Night Raid carry out some raid and faces the man of Honest during these duels both parties lose some of their men and to compensate the lose; Honest recruits Esdeath and Night Raid recruits Sunanoo and Chelsea.

Honet then creates an undercover police force with his son which were used to for personal gains and in that few innocent people died which enrages the general Esdeath and Night Raid.

Later in the story Tatsumi and Lubbock were apprehended by Honest; Lubbock tries to escape in a desperate attempt of his he dies and Honest decides the fate of Tatsumi by executing him. While Tatsumi’s execution was being carried out, Night raid Attacks the Executing site and saves him, even after being saved Tatsumi Suffered the trauma of it and later used  Teigu which later reveals that he actually awaken the Tyrant, a, danger beast which Night raid had with them.

In the last battle where Night raid has a face-off with the Army of Honest after Honest manages to convince the Emperor to come with his family Teigu. The Night Raid manages to defeat Honest which later then tires to flee but was later in the story got executed and EsDeath which was defeated by Akame and Emperor too was sentenced to death.

As for Night Raid, Tatsumi and Mine return to the village where mine gives birth to Tatsumi and her child. Najenda starts to rebuild the capital city, Akame still continued to works as an Assasin and headed to the place where she could find the means to restore Tatsumi back to his Human form.

Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes:
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
Anime Canon Episodes:

Akame ga Kill Filler List:

Sr #Episode NameTypeAired
1Kill the Darkness MANGA CANON2014-07-06
2Kill the Authority MANGA CANON2014-07-13
3Kill Your Cares MANGA CANON2014-07-20
4Kill the Imperial Arm Users MANGA CANON2014-07-27
5Kill the Dream MANGA CANON2014-08-03
6Kill the Absolute Justice MANGA CANON2014-08-10
7Kill the Three -Part One- MANGA CANON2014-08-17
8Kill the Three -Part Two- MANGA CANON2014-08-24
9Kill the Lust for Combat MANGA CANON2014-08-31
10Kill the Seduction MANGA CANON2014-09-07
11Kill the Mad Scientist MANGA CANON2014-09-14
12Kill the Newcomers MANGA CANON2014-09-21
13Kill the Nuisances MANGA CANON2014-09-28
14Kill the Giant Danger Beast MANGA CANON2014-10-05
15Kill the Religious Organization MANGA CANON2014-10-12
16Kill the Dolls MANGA CANON2014-10-19
17Kill the Curse MANGA CANON2014-10-26
18Kill the Demon MANGA CANON2014-11-02
19Kill the Fate MIXED CANON/FILLER2014-11-09
20Kill the Carnage ANIME CANON2014-11-16
21Kill the Despair ANIME CANON2014-11-23
22Kill the Little Sister ANIME CANON2014-11-30
23Kill the Emperor ANIME CANON2014-12-07
24Akame ga Kill! ANIME CANON2014-12-14

Since the Akame ga Kill series offers action, Drama, thrill, romance, fictional monsters, battles, and many more; so overall it a series that is worth watching in its anime Verison and in its manga Filler version.

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