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Boruto Uzumaki

If you are an Anime lover (which I think you are) chances are you have already watched Naruto a dozen times or at least once in your life and if you have, you would already have some idea, how great Boruto would turn out be and quite rightly so, considering how great his father Naruto (Link goes here) is in the previous series.

So, in this article, I am going to open up the window to Boruto Uzumaki’s birth, life, and adventures he takes on in this great journey that his father started.

Boruto Uzumaki | Character Creation

The legacy that Naruto Uzumaki created in Naruto anime and Manga series is passed onto his firstborn son Boruto Uzumaki, who has to bear the weight of his father’s name and rank as the seventh Hokage of Konohagakure.

After the Naruto anime series reached its peak in 2013 Masashi wanted to continue Naruto’s legacy by making him a father at the end of the Manga Storyline. Masashi Kishimoto wanted Boruto to possess similar personality traits just like his father while also having some unique characteristics of his own so the viewers could easily relate to Boruto’s familiarities and at the same time keep their curiosity level up.

Masashi Kishimoto also wanted to portray the relationship of father and son just like he had with his own son and he drew some of the inspiration from the all-time famous Anime series Dragon Ball, just like the relation Goku had with his son Gohan.

Early Life of Boruto Uzumaki

Baby Boruto UzumakiBoruto Uzumaki was born on the 27th of March to none other than Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Uzumaki, as their first-born. Naruto wanted to pay his respects to the fallen Neji Hyuga by naming his first-born, Boruto. Unlike his father, Boruto Uzumaki had a very easy life as Naruto ultimately fulfilled his dream of becoming the Hokage of the village and everyone respected him. Boruto was loved and adored by his family and thanks to Naruto who kept his friends close, Boruto never had any difficulties making friends.


Soon after Boruto Uzumaki’s birth (around 2 years later)  Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki gave birth to a baby girl, they named her Himawari.  Boruto and Hinata grew closer to each other just like any other brother-sister relation would until one day, Boruto mistakenly tore up his sister’s teddy which made Hinata too angry that she lost control and attacked him. Fortunately, Naruto came to the rescue but against Hinata’s immense power Naruto lost his consciousness and fell hard on the floor which made him worry about her daughter’s dark side, and from that day onwards Boruto never made her sister angry (I mean how could he).

Boruto Uzumaki’s Personality

Boruto Uzumaki has very similar personality traits just like his father, He is stubborn, doesn’t let go of things so easily, has a great sense of humor (considerably better than his own father), sincerity to friends and family but unlike his father, he grabs onto stuff and quickly finds a solution to difficult situations whether they are right or wrong.

And as he was raised differently than his father, Boruto has got quite good social skills which makes him easily befriend anyone and for the same reasons, Boruto has developed a very high opinion of himself which adds a touch of arrogance to his personality.

Naruto has always kept his friends close which resulted in Boruto being highly inspired by his father’s best friend Sasuke Uchiha who ultimately becomes his mentor (also inspired by Piccolo from DB) to help him fulfill his life dream of becoming the greatest Shinobi of all time even better than his father, after all, he got the ninja spirit from Naruto himself.

Final Words on Boruto Uzumaki’s Adventure

We have always been inspired and thrilled by Naruto’s great adventures from the beginning and now the legacy continues and lives through his son Boruto, who is as energetic and hell-bent as Naruto was in his time.

Masashi Kishimoto has been able to develop this great connection between Naruto and his son that works as a bridge that connects and evolves the bond that we had with Naruto so that the story could flow seamlessly between the series transitioning.


With that being said hopefully, this biography has been helpful in providing useful insights into Boruto Uzumaki’s life, his personality, the life he lives on in Konohagakure, and the adventures that follow him in his journey to becoming the greatest Shinobi.

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