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L (Death Note) | Wiki

L Sitting style

L better known as Lawliet is one main Character in the Series of Deathnote. He is considered the best detective of the World in the series. L made his name in the world as or detectives by solving some of…

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Boruto Uzumaki | Naruto Next Generations | NarutoMania

Boruto Uzumaki

If you are an Anime lover (which I think you are) chances are you have already watched Naruto a dozen times or at least once in your life and if you have, you would already have some idea, how great…

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Naruto Uzumaki | NarutoMania

Naruto Uzumaki

We have all grown up watching dozens of awesome Anime series and deep within our hearts it creates this beautiful connection with the Anime characters that we spend so much time watching. There are without any doubt hundreds of great…

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