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DEATH NOTE is a famous anime series which is actually based on the manga Series named Death Note. The manga series is written by Tsugumi Obha.

The Death Note anime series plot revolves around a notebook ‘Deth note’ with some supernatural power which is that if someone writes a name of a person in the notebook while having the face of the person in his mind that person will die in 6mins 4s after writing the name of that person.

So, a High School student namely Light Yagami comes across one of these notebooks. After knowing the supernatural powers of the Death Note, he decides to use it for the good; which is, he decided to help this world get rid of every criminal by writing the name of it in that notebook.

After Yagami starts to kill Criminal in vast numbers the Authorities begin to worry about how all the criminals died of sudden Heart Attacks.

Since the Brainstorming of all the Police Forces around the world, L one of the great detectives decides to look into the matter by himself. Since L is the great detective, so with wasting any time he decides to catch ‘KIRA’ which is Light alias.

L sets his headquarters in Japan and works in collaboration with the Japanese police Force to catch KIRA.

Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes:
2-24, 27-36
Mixed Canon:
1, 25-26, 37

Death Note Filler List:

Sr #Episode NameTypeAired
1Rebirth MIXED CANON/FILLER2006-10-03
2Confrontation MANGA CANON2006-10-10
3Dealings MANGA CANON2006-10-17
4Pursuit MANGA CANON2006-10-24
5Tactics MANGA CANON2006-10-31
6Unraveling MANGA CANON2006-11-07
7Overcast MANGA CANON2006-11-14
8Glare MANGA CANON2006-11-21
9Encounter MANGA CANON2006-11-28
10Doubt MANGA CANON2006-12-05
11Assault MANGA CANON2006-12-12
12Love MANGA CANON2006-12-26
13Confession MANGA CANON2007-01-09
14Friend MANGA CANON2007-01-16
15Wager MANGA CANON2007-01-23
16Decision MANGA CANON2007-01-30
17Execution MANGA CANON2007-02-06
18Ally MANGA CANON2007-02-13
19Matsuda MANGA CANON2007-02-20
20Makeshift MANGA CANON2007-02-27
21Performance MANGA CANON2007-03-06
22Guidance MANGA CANON2007-03-13
23Frenzy MANGA CANON2007-03-20
24Revival MANGA CANON2007-03-27
25Silence MIXED CANON/FILLER2007-04-03
26Renewal MIXED CANON/FILLER2007-04-10
27Abduction MANGA CANON2007-04-17
28Impatience MANGA CANON2007-04-24
29Father MANGA CANON2007-05-01
30Justice MANGA CANON2007-05-08
31Transfer MANGA CANON2007-05-15
32Selection MANGA CANON2007-05-22
33Scorn MANGA CANON2007-05-29
34Vigilance MANGA CANON2007-06-05
35Malice MANGA CANON2008-06-12
361.28 MANGA CANON2007-06-19
37New World MIXED CANON/FILLER2007-06-26


Now the battle of intellects have began since both L and Light decides to confrot each other and take the enemy ofjustice down.

The Death Note series is based on actual 37 episodes and is divided into 2 seasons. The series is full of action, drama, and thrill and is one of the best animes that should be watched.

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