Dragon Ball GT Filler List – A Complete Filler Guide

Dragon Ball GT Filler

Since Dragon Ball GT is a long continuation of the long series known as Dragon Ball. The series is about a young boy Goku who is now grown and he has been through a lot of adventures in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT.

Goku is now turned into a young by the Ultimate Shenron. Now Goku along with Pan and Trunks embarked upon adventures and ultimately faces a notorious creature an artificial Tuffle Parasite.

Tuffle parasite, despite being a parasitic creature has a unique ability that it gets into the body of its host and tries to combine his powers with the power of its host and become an ultimate powerful being

Truffle intends to destroy the Saiyan species, for which he fights with Goku by fusing into the body of many hosts, and ultimately he gets into the body of Vegeta and tries to kill Goku.

Goku manages to beat Tuffle by achieving the stage of Super Saiyan 4 and regenerates its tail. Piccolo sacrifices his life to restore the Black Star Dragon Balls’ loss of lives of the people.

But Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero revive Android 17 in hell who tries to control the original Android 17 to open the hell portal to Earth but Krillin intervenes and as a result of his intervention Android 17 kills Krillin.

But Goku fights back and avenges the death of Krillin. Afterward, they collect Dragon balls to summon the Dragon to restore the loss of precious lives but after collecting all the balls advents the Shadow Dragons who decide to punish people of the earth due to their misuse of Dragon Balls.

Among many Shenron, Syn Shenron becomes Omega Shenron whom Goku cannot defeat all alone and it marks the event where Goku and Vegeta fuse to transform into Gogeta but still their new transformation and powers they can’t compete against Shenron.

After splitting up, Goku derives energy from all the creatures of the earth to form a Universal Spirit Bomb and manages to defeat Syn Shenron.

Later in the story, they summons the Dragon by collecting all the balls to bring back everyone to life that lost his life to the attack of Android 17 and Shadow Dragons.

Filler Episodes:

Dragon Ball GT Filler List:

Sr #Episode NameTypeAired
1A Devastating Wish FILLER1996-02-07
2Pan Blasts Off FILLER1996-02-14
3Terror on ImeckaFILLER2/21/1996
4The Most Wanted ListFILLER2/28/1996
5Goku vs. LedgicFILLER3/6/1996
6Like Pulling TeethFILLER3/13/1996
7Trunks, the BrideFILLER3/20/1996
8Whisker PowerFILLER4/17/1996
9Lord LuudFILLER4/24/1996
10Dance and AttackFILLER5/1/1996
11Lord Luud's CurseFILLER5/8/1996
12The Last Oracle of LuudFILLER5/15/1996
13The Man Behind the CurtainFILLER5/22/1996
14The Battle WithinFILLER6/5/1996
15Beginning of the EndFILLER6/12/1996
16Giru's Checkered PastFILLER6/19/1996
17Pan's GambitFILLER6/26/1996
18Unexpected PowerFILLER7/10/1996
19A General UprisingFILLER7/17/1996
20The Source of Rilldo's PowerFILLER7/24/1996
21A Secret RevealedFILLER8/14/1996
22The Baby SecretFILLER8/21/1996
23Hidden DangerFILLER8/26/1996
24Discovering the TruthFILLER9/4/1996
25Baby's ArrivalFILLER10/16/1996
26Saiyan HuntingFILLER10/30/1996
27The Attack on VegetaFILLER11/6/1996
28A Worldwide ProblemFILLER11/13/1996
29The Fall of The SaiyansFILLER11/27/1996
30The Game After LifeFILLER12/4/1996
31Collapse From WithinFILLER12/11/1996
32The Return of UubFILLER1/8/1997
33The Tail's TaleFILLER1/15/1997
34Back in the GameFILLER1/22/1997
35Goku's AscensionFILLER1/29/1997
36The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!FILLER2/5/1997
37Old Kai's Last StandFILLER2/12/1997
38Family BondsFILLER2/19/1997
39Baby Put to RestFILLER2/26/1997
40Piccolo's DecisionFILLER3/5/1997
41Curtain CallFILLER3/12/1997
42A Dangerous UnionFILLER4/16/1997
43The Resurrection of Cell and FriezaFILLER4/23/1997
4417 Times 2FILLER4/30/1997
45Piccolo's Best BetFILLER5/14/1997
46Raising the StakesFILLER5/28/1997
47The Greatest SurpriseFILLER6/4/1997
48The Shadow DragonsFILLER6/11/1997
49The Two-Star DragonFILLER6/18/1997
50The Five-Star DragonFILLER6/25/1997
51The Six-Star DragonFILLER7/9/1997
52The Seven-Star DragonFILLER7/9/1997
53Saying GoodbyeFILLER7/16/1997
54The Four-Star DragonFILLER7/20/1997
55The Heart of the PrinceFILLER7/30/1997
56The Three-Star DragonFILLER8/6/1997
57The One-Star DragonFILLER8/13/1997
58Shadow Dragons UniteFILLER9/24/1997
59Super Saiyan 4 VegetaFILLER10/1/1997
60Super Saiyan 4 FusionFILLER10/8/1997
61The Limits of PowerFILLER10/15/1997
62Rescue GokuFILLER10/22/1997
63Universal AlliesFILLER11/12/1997
64Until We Meet Again?FILLER11/19/1997
65A Hero's LegacyFILLER11/26/1997

Now many years have passed and Guko Jr who is the great-great-grandson of Goku and Vegeta Jr who is competing against each other in a tournament where Goku after wrapping up every event and having flashbacks of the old timeline leave the crowd and it marks the end of the story.

Since Dragon Ball is one of the greatest anime series one can watch; one should go through Dragon Ball GT Filler List as well to unfold many great events and fights of Dragon Ball GT.

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