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Light Yagami aka (KIRA)

Death note is one of the thrilling anime series that one can ever watch in the genre of Spy, thrill, and romance. Despite being a short anime series, it has marked its presence with regards to its story and drama that makes the audience baffled and makes the anime more interesting.

 The story is about a young high school boy Light Yagami who comes across a notebook (in the series referred to as Death Note) with supernatural powers that are bestowed to the owner of the notebook.

Light Yagami uses this book to wipe out the corrupt, the one who tries to do evil and spread corruption in the society, by writing their name in the Death Note. 

The Death Note is a type of notebook in which if the name is written of a person while having the face in the mind will die.

Light takes it upon himself to exploits the book to get rid of every menace that disturbs the equilibrium of the Justice of the society.

While having such high end just though in his mind he begins to write the name of criminals and culprits and sentenced them to death.

Light Yagami Background:Light Yagami

Light Yagami, son of Soichiro Yagami is a High school student, with high intellect and a student who tops in his academics.


Light bears a great sense of justice as he looks up to his father who serves in the Japanese police force and throughout his course of studies he also helps his father in the different matters of police.

Due to such tendencies Light develops in himself such adherence to justice that when he came across the Death Note he exploits its powers to kill every criminal and those who disturb the society and cause trouble for everyone therein.


Finding the Death Note:


One day Light was attending a lecture in his class and all of a sudden he saw a book dropping from the sky, as he picks up the book he goes through the rule of using the Death Note.


At first, glance that he had on the Death Note he did believe what he read but when he tests the power of its by writing the name of a criminal who broke into a school and held hostage many a children and women.


He did believe what he just experienced as he kills that person by writing his name in the notebook.


After realizing what death note powers are he started writing names of high profile criminals and those who were sought but the law enforcement agencies.


Such unprecedented deaths of criminals that followed one after another shook the higher authorities to take notice of and take appropriate measures to tackle it.


Light Yagami entitled as KIRA:


As the high official came to notice the sudden deaths of the criminals, they called upon a meeting at ICPO to discuss the matter.


But all the suggestions went I vain and they decide to seek the help of the World’s greatest detective namely L.


L, who has already started looking closely into the matter himself, seeks the help of the Japanese Police and sets his headquarter in japan for further investigation.


Since then Light, who was infamous among the majority of people due to his actions, was entitled to KIRA.




Since L has started looking into the matter, he decides to broadcast his message for Light, who is now known as KIRA.


L impersonates a criminal whose death was scheduled the same day as himself and made his first-ever public appearance on TV.


As he starts threatening LIGHT aka KIRA and tells him that he will catch him and sentence him to death; Light who was in rage writes his name displaying on TV as Lind L. Taylor and kills him.


With the action, L manages to know the whereabouts of KIRA and assures him that he will catch him one day.


LIGHT playing different roles:


The light was a man of high intellect, later in the story, he kills L and acted on behalf of it as not to reveal to the world that L is no longer alive; on the other hand, he was Kira, killing criminal and not being caught.


The light was sure of his success as he knew that no one will catch him if he acted as KIRA, L, and a police detective investigating the KIRA case.


New World and its God:


Light after the death of L keeps on writing the name of criminal that crime rate drops, the war stopped, and people who do not commit crime lived in peace.


Light after seeing the after-effects of his actions calls himself The God of the New World.


Unabashed and staunch follower:


Light alone cannot carry the responsibilities of being KIRA, and for that, he needs someone who supports and bears the same ideals and motives that he has.


Teru Mekami, who also shares the same thoughts when it comes to Justice and its prevalence becomes subordinate of Light and helps him in his mission of creating an ideal world.


As a Character:


The character of Light Yagami is subjected to controversy as the ideal it held are welcome and cherished by some and are neglected and abashed by others.


Killing anyone, even criminals, by taking the law into their hands is considered wrong in a civilized society. But Light took upon himself this responsibility to kill criminals and those who are a menace to society.

He outshined everyone not only in his academics but also manages to curtail the crime ratio and stopped wars and makes the world a perfect place to live in.


But, his sense of Justice drives him somewhere else, the place where he transcends the law and becomes the law himself which at one point made him kill innocents who oppose his ideas or actions for the new world.


In other words, he held everyone hostage, and whosoever points a finger at him or at his actions the death is his fate.


Light confuses being a serial killer with being Judge who makes sure that law and order prevail.


And when a person with such an ideal is a part of anime and is a protagonist makes the anime interesting and worth watching series.

And characters of light does it all and makes the anime one of the greatest animes of the present time.

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