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L Sitting style

L better known as Lawliet is one main Character in the Series of Deathnote. He is considered the best detective of the World in the series. L made his name in the world as or detectives by solving some of the mysterious cases which no one could ever solve.

In the series of Death Note, after the Light Yagami came across one of the Death notes and after knowing its power. Light Yagami starts to cleanse the world of all the criminals by writing their name in the Notebook.

Death Note

As the number of criminals starts dying of heart attacks the higher authorities call upon in a meeting at The ICPO where it was discussed how these criminals died all at the same time and it cannot be considered a coincident.

As the meeting goes on, Watari the one who is not the only person who knows L but is also an assistant/handler to him appears. He tells the ICPO that L has taken the responsibility to find out who is carrying out all these murders and will sentence him to Death.

Deathnote ICPO Meeting

Later in the series, Light Yagami who is now known as ‘KIRA’ after killing all the Criminals is suspected by L  as an unknown serial killer.

light Yagami

Since L knew that he can’t comfort Kira while sitting at headquarters and by giving orders; he decides to confront KIRA directly. As the story goes, Light Yagami aka Kira and L meet in a University where they become friends and after a breathtaking scene in a series L become certain about Light is the KIRA.

L makes light to surrender to JAPNESE POLICE force by apprehending Light’s girlfriend MISA AMANE aka ‘SECOND KIRA’. Later in the story Light manages to prove himself and Misa innocent by giving up the ownership of the DEATH NOTE before surrendering to the Japnese Police.

Misa Amane

As this cat and mouse chase continues, Light Yagami by manipulating a SHINIGAMI named ‘REM’ kills  ‘L’.

After the death of L his successors  MELLO aka ‘M’ and ‘N’ namely NEAR takes upon themselves to solve the KIRA case and manages to catch him. In the process of this, the story takes some unexpected and thrilling twist and turns that Mello dies and Light Yagami’s father who is head of the KIRA case also dies.

L as a Character:

L in the anime series of Death note appears with different names because KIRA requires a name and a face to kill a person so he uses an alias, like Lind L Taylor, Hedaki Riga, Riyuzaki, and he also impersonates himself as the other two best detectives of the world in the series under the name of Eraldo coil and Deneuve.

Since he is shown the best detective in the world in the series, his deductive skills are way beyond that of a layman, his analytical skills transcend that of a normal person, so, the way chase KIRA and figures out that LIGHT YAGAMI is the one who was carrying out all the murder is really impressing.

Even  L was ranked among the Best anime males characters multiple times, which is mainly not because of him as a character but as the best anime as a whole.

The most fascinating things about his character are that one might think of him as a detective as project him in his mind as a person wearing a detective hat, long coat, hands in pocket coming out of the dark, etc; but in fact, he wore a loose white shirt and a cyan or green colored pants which even Head of the KIRA CASE did even expect him to be like this.

L Sitting style


The way he sits also makes him unique and weird in the sense that the way he sits is not a usual way a person sits and the more unbelievable thing regarding his sitting position is that, that its increases his deductive skills to roughly 40%.

L in the series is also shown to be fond of sweets or another edible item that has a high level of sugar in it. In the whole series he can be seen eating Cakes, Cupcakes, Pasteries, but not only this he also loves to eat fruits as well and he even craved coffee in some of the episodes.

The most loveable thing about L in the whole series was that even he had no doubt in the fact that Light Yagami was the KIRA, he was the one who was behind all the murders; L didn’t sentence him to death because he wants to be certain of it. Moreover, he wants to know all these murders were done and Light turns out to be his only friend in the series.

So, when he was about to find how the Death note works and who was the KIRA, he got killed by REM, a shinigami. Just because he had a little bit of uncertainty regarding Light being KIRA so he did apprehend him.

Rem death note


One of the most heartwrenching things for the fans of Death Note and fans of L in specifically is the death of L. In season 2 of the Death Note, L dies as well as his assistant and Handler Mr: WATARI.

Taking everything into consideration regarding the Character of the L in specific and Death Note in general; the anime series is really amazing and worth watching. As many people have seen this hit they split in their opinion when it comes to the L and Light Yagami, as, in eyes of the many people Light was doing a righteous act by writing names of the criminal in the Death note and help world getting rid of the menace which causes trouble. But on the other hand, L’s ideology was simple that there are laws and any crime or criminal should be dealt with in accordance with it and none should be allowed to take the law into his hand. So, all these and thrill and drama make this anime worth watching.

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