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Minato Namikaze

Minato Namizkaze, the character in the anime series Naruto, is the father of the Naruto Uzumaki and the Fourth Hokage.

Minato is known because of his bravery and fierceness that he has when he fought the Nine Tail Fox.

The nine tail fox attacked the Village of Konoha which was saved by the Naruto father Minato Namikaze, and he sealed the part of the Nine tail fox in his son so that its chakra could be sued if needed in the future.

Minato Early Life

Since Minato was also a resident of the Konoha village, his life also started as the young being enrolled in the Academy to become a renowned Ninja of the Village.

Minto, after graduating from the academy was promoted to the Level of Genin under the leadership of Jiraiya the same Sage who taught Naruto how used his red Chakra

Jiraiya took a special interest in the Minato as he thinks of Minto as a child of Prophecy.


Under the guidance of the Jiraiya, Minto proved himself to a Ninja worth leading a team of his own. So, the Third Hokage assigned him a trio of Genins which includes KAKASHI HATAKE, OBITO UCHIHA, and RIN NOHARA.

Minto was told by the Third Hokage to have a special focus on Kakashi to help him rise from the regret of his father’s death.

Minato to teach his subordinates gave them the first task of acquiring Two Bells from him. The same task Kakashi assigned to his Genin to teach them the importance of teamwork.

And the result was the same as that of the task that Kakashi assigned to his subordinates.


Kakashi after realizing like Sasuke that he cannot do this task on his own used his teammates to gain possession of the bells, but later Kakashi realized the importance of teamwork gave the same task to his Genins.

Minato strength and value were admired when Konoha Village was involved in the Third Shinobi War and Minto besides supervising his Genins was also assigned with the responsibilities of the war.


Minato transferred his responsibilities to Kakashi as Minato was given responsibilities of the Mission to destroy Kannabi bridge.

Minato headed towards the war, after reaching the battlefield he met with the remaining survivors of the Battle, then Minato fought so bravely that he single-handedly takes out the whole army of Iwagakure.

After this battle, Minato was Promoted to the level of Hokage. Minato served as a Hokage for a year and his prime focus was to bring peace and harmony among all the countries, the ideal that was transferred from Jiriya to Minato and Naruto himself has such ideals and thinks that Ninjas are not just war weapon but they are human as well.

Naruto was born in circumstances that were different from the circumstances of a normal child as Kushina, mother of Naruto was the vessel of the Nine Tail Fox.

When Naruto was born the place was guarded by thousands of ANBU guards and even after this much safeguard TOBI otherwise known as OBITO incurs by killing the guards.

As Naruto was born he was in hands of a Midwife and after killing her, TOBI takes Naruto as a Hostage and threatens to kill him if Minato didn’t back from Kushina.

Minato uses his teleportation Jutsu to and saves Naruto and places Him and Kushina in a safe place

After that Minto and Tobi clashes which result in TOBI fleeing from the scene.

Nine Tail Fox, which now was not kept controlled was attacking the village and Minato arrived at the scene to fight the tailed beast and save the Konoha village.

To carry out this perilous task, Minato uses his Teleportation Jutsu and take Kushina along with himself to contain the tailed beast.

Minato was aware that Naruto’s body was not capable enough to contain the whole beast as its Chakra was immense so he uses his Jutsu to cut the beast in half and seal the yin half of the beast in himself and the rest of it was sealed in the body of the newborn infant.

Minato did all this and sacrifice his life along with her wife’s to save his village while this all was happening he says to the third Hokage to take care of Naruto and tell the village not to look forward to him as a vessel to the beast who can bring upon destruction on them.

Since Minato was an incredible Ninja who sacrificed his life to save those whom he loves, he was one of the Ninja with exponential powers and Might.

He can perform Jutsus which he renewed or modified himself, he had power beyond that of an army and he was by far the greatest Hokage of his time and an inspiring father to a son with heroic attributes.

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