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one punch man filler

One-Punch Man is one of the most fascinating anime series that started back in the year 2015 after its Manga went super-viral a few years earlier amongst anime fans. The first season of One Punch Man concluded with 21 action-packed episodes and the second season is still on-going with more awesome episodes to come later this year.

But the best part about this anime series is that it has absolutely no filler episodes whatsoever. Now, most of the anime lovers find this to be good news that they get to watch the complete anime series without having to worry about any fillers in between while others want to dig deep into the character’s history and background watching the filler episodes, which also keeps it running for a little longer while waiting for the original manga to keep up.

What is “One Punch Man”?

One Punch Man portrays the story of young man Saitama, who becomes a superhero after getting some sort of special training for a few years, he turns out to be so powerful that he becomes close to invincible as he could defeat all of his enemies with a single punch but Saitama grows bored of all this power as there is no enemy that stands any chance against him. So, he spends his time trying to find a worthy opponent who can match his mighty strength in a fight.

Canon Episodes:

One Punch Man Filler:

Sr #EpisodeTypeAired
1The Strongest Man CANON2015-10-04
2The Lone CyborgCANON10/11/2015
3The Obsessive ScientistCANON10/18/2015
4The Modern NinjaCANON10/25/2015
5The Ultimate MasterCANON11/1/2015
6The Terrifying CityCANON11/8/2015
7The Ultimate DiscipleCANON11/15/2015
8The Deep Sea KingCANON11/22/2015
9Unyielding JusticeCANON11/29/2015
10Unparalleled PerilCANON12/6/2015
11The Dominator of the UniverseCANON12/13/2015
12The Strongest HeroCANON12/20/2015
13Return of the HeroCANON4/9/2019
14The Human MonsterCANON4/16/2019
15The Hunt BeginsCANON4/23/2019
16The Metal BatCANON4/30/2019
17The Martial Arts TournamentCANON5/7/2019
18The Monster UprisingCANON5/14/2019
19The Class S HeroesCANON5/21/2019
20The Resistance of the StrongCANON5/28/2019
21The Troubles of the StrongestCANON6/11/2019
22Justice Under SiegeCANON6/18/2019
23The Varieties of PrideCANON6/25/2019
24The Wiping of the DiscipleCANON7/2/2019

Is One Punch Man Worth Watching?

Absolutely, One Punch Man is filled is super fun episodes packed with action, emotion, drama and not to mention some sick fighting scenes that are sure to make you go “Heck Yes!”, but before getting started with the anime series check out our special One Punch Man episodes list to find out all amazing the episodes that these series have to offer and stay tuned for more!

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