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Sakura Haruno


Naruto anime series is the most liked anime series of all anime series. The story of the anime series revolves around a boy who lived in the hidden village of Konoha.

Naruto was not liked by the villagers as he was born with the demon nine tail fox sealed in it which incurs the village lost time ago.

The half of that fox was sealed in him, so the power of it can be used later for the benefit of him and the residents of konoha.

The anime series is full of action, drama, and inspiring characters with a motivating struggle behind them.

Like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura who were his teammates also plays major roles in the whole series

Sakura Haruno is one of the main characters who share the storyline with Naruto.



Haruno Sakura is the only child of Mebuki and Kizashi Haruno. She was born and raised in the village of Konoha.

She starts her life’s journey to pursue the career of Shinobi. And for that, she joined the academy.

She was one of the brightest students in the whole academy. She was a geek who had comprehended a lot regarding different types of Jutsus.

But, Sakura, when she was just a child was bullied by her classmates because of her Wide Forehead.

As she was a very shy and timid girl; she usually not takes beef with the bullies. She just tries to avoid them.

But this routine of being bullied was something she can get rid of, and for that comes forward her future rival Ino Yamanaka.

Ino saved her from being bullied on many occasions and Ino was the one who acknowledges Sakura and admires her and makes her accept herself as a person.

Both get along well till the cracks starting surfacing in their friendship because of Sasuke who barely paid any attention to any girl trying to win Sasuke’s interest.



After passing the academy, she was made to team up with Naruto and Sasuke, and just like this, she becomes a part of TEAM 7.

Naruto was happy because he looks forward to Sakura as her crush and to impress her he always get into a tussle with Sasuke as Sakura liked Sasuke.

The Trio was quite a troublesome team and for that Third Hokage assigned Hatake Kakashi as the sensei because of his expertise and calmness.

During the task of acquiring the bells, Naruto and Sasuke tried their all might and Jutsus to get their hands on the bells but Sakura did nothing.

But when a penalty was put on Naruto and kakashi told Sasuke and Sakura not to share lunch with him. Sakura was the one who first shared her meal with Naruto as he was starving of hunger.

On her first mission of protecting an old person who was building a bridge to drag his country out of poverty; Sakura just barely did anything.


Chunin Exam and Rivalry with Ino:

Since Kakashi believed that his Genins were ready to participate in Chunin examination. He named his team for the examination.

During the written assessment of Chunin examination, she was the only one who was capable of passing it without any trouble being caused to her.

And as Team 7 made it to the second phase of examination they were attacked by Oruchimaru as he wants Sasuke’s body as his vessel.

Oruchimaru put the cursed seal on Sasuke which Sakura saw and Oruchimaru tells her that Sasuke will seek him.

But Naruto was the one who saved her at the time of threat.

When the trio made it to the third phase of examination in which one-on-one stand-off between candidates took place Sakura’s match was scheduled with Ino, her childhood friend.

The rivalry started back then when they both had a crush on Sasuke and he was the sole reason who adulterated the pure friendship between them.

The episode of their fight is full of flashbacks and fewer fights but it ends in a tie.


Pledge to take stand for herself:

Since the character of Sakura is portrayed as if she was only dependent on others to help her in difficult times.

She was oftentimes referred to as (Useless Sakura) as she barely does anything in times of danger.

But later in the story when Tsunade was made Hokage and Sasuke leaves the village to seek powers from Oruchimaru.

She confessed her love to Sasuke and tries to stop him from falling into the hand of Oruchimaru as his pawn. But he leaves the village by delivering the last blow which causes her to fell unconscious.

Sakura then decides to take a stand for herself as she realizes that she cannot rely on others to save her all the time and to bring back Sasuke she has to do something.

She started training under the guidance of Tsunade, as a medical Ninja.

Tsunade realizes her chakra control and chakra release and made Sakura her apprentice.


Sakura as a Shinobi has the courage and determination of becoming a good Shinobi.

Besides her timid and shy personality, she did well in the later part of the story.

She learned a lot regarding medical knowledge as medical Shinobi. She even surpasses Tsunade

and forming the Strength of a Hundred seal during the time of the Fourth Shinobi war.

Her Medical Jutsus were also enhanced and she was able to save Naruto’s life during the

ongoing war and she gives her chakra to Naruto as well.

Her taijutsu abilities and Ninjutsu abilities are also furnished and she could also use the summoning technique and can summon Slug like her Sensei.

A testament to her mental abilities and intelligence is the written assessment of Chunin examination.


Love Triangle and Sasuke:Sakura love triangle

Naruto from the very beginning used to like Sakura. He always tries to impress her and tries to gain his affection but Sakura was more inclined towards Sasuke as he was the only boy of the class in the academy who was admired by every girl.

In many life-threatening situations, Sakura was always saved by Naruto. During his fight with Gara, Naruto fights heads to head with Gara even he summons Gamabunta to defeat Gara.

During the series on many occasions, Naruto tries to confess her feeling for Sakura by dropping subtle hints and by helping her in time of need but she did take it on a personal level.

And one day she confesses her feelings for Naruto as she realizes that how many times he was there when she was in the lurch; but till then Naruto realizes that no matter what she will always love Sasuke, so, he declines her by scolding her.

And that’s what happened, after Sasuke realizes that truth, he then decides to return to the village and redeem himself for his evil deed pledging to save Konoha at the cost of his life.

Sasuke and Sakura the ties knot and both of them have a Daughter Sarada.

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