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Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto is an anime series about a boy who dreamt to become a well-known Ninja one day. The beauty of the series lies in the story, action, and drama involved in it.

But, the series is also renounced due to its characters, Beside the protagonist Naruto there are many other characters that fans of this anime adored; like Kakashi, Sakura, Any of the Hokage, and many other characters that are part of the series.


In this plethora of characters, Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters that make the series interesting by offering versatility as no other characters do in the series. From Hero to villain and back, Sasuke Uchiha is the second and the youngest son of Fukagu and Mikoto Uchiha.

He was brought up in the Uchiha clan of Konoha village. Sasuke has an elder brother named Itachi Uchiha.

Sasuke always looks up to his brother as his brother Itachi was one of the best Shinobi of his clan.

Itachi passed his academy quickly and right after he graduates from the academy, Itachi gets himself enrolled in chunin examination and make through it.

Due to Itachi’s massive success in the formatting stages of his life, he was adored by not only his family but also by his clan.

Sasuke always looks up to his brother as motivation and for his solicitation. Itachi, whenever practicing his Ninja techniques, Sasuke was always by his side and observes what he does.

But later in the story, Itachi Uchiha, all of a sudden becomes indifferent not to his people of his clan but also to his family.

He stopped spending time with his family and the attention and time he used to give to Sasuke were curtailed.

Itachi’s family was concerned for him, but this proved to be an opportunity for Sasuke to direct the attention of his family towards him.

Fukagu and Mikoto started paying more attention to their younger child while still being concerned regarding their elder son.

Sasuke grew up in a clan which is one of the powerful clan of Konoha.

The Turning Point:

And finally, the day comes in the life of Sasuke which changes his fate forever.

One day when Sasuke was going to the academy he was fare-welled by his father and his mother but Itachi was not at home. Upon enquiring his father replied that he did not know about his whereabouts.

Sasuke then left for the academy, when he was on his way to school he met an old lady and her husband who motivates him to become a shinobi like his brother, and after listing to what she says he continues his way to school.

Upon returning from school, Sasuke noticed the disturbing silence in the streets of the place where he lived and when he hears someone screaming he started running as he was scared at that moment.

When he was running towards his home, he saw people of his clan dead on the streets. He saw the same old lady and his husband’s body murdered and mutilated.

As he reaches his home he finds that his parents are also murdered. but looking at the Itachi near to the bodies of his parents he gets a bit calm and rushes toward him for comfort.

Itachi suddenly pushes him away and it makes Sasuke more puzzled and sacred than before.

Upon asking what happened and who killed everyone including his parents. Itachi did not answer his questions but rather he uses his Tsukiyomi on his younger brother and made him had a flash-back of how he killed his clan and his family.

As the young child who did not even see such a massacre before begs for his life; to which Itachi responded by saying him that she should grow with hatred for him.

But insist him why he did this, to which Itachi replied that he did this check his powers. And he made Sasuke flee for his life.

And this event changes Sasuke’s whole life, he grew up with hatred for his brother. He always had vengeance in his mind and he started going to the academy.


During his time in the academy, Sasuke used to be a silent and cold person having no affection towards anyone in his class of academy.

Since his prime goal was to graduate from the academy and become a great Shinobi to seek revenge from Itachi.

He performed well throughout his academic years and after graduating, he along with his mates promoted to Genin level.

Teams were formed and each team comprises three genins. And the team in which Sasuke was placed, he had Sakura and Naruto in team 7, and Sensei of the team was Kakashi aka Copy ninja.

Initially, Sasuke did not rely on his team before even they were assigned for the mission. Kakashi looking at this nature of them gave them a famous 2 bell task to inflict the concept of teamwork and believing each other.

Sasuke and other team members learn through this task the importance of teamwork.

After a long journey and missions, Kakashi enrolled TEAM & in the Chunin examination where they, upon successful completion, were promoted to the Level of Chunin ( a level above then Genin).

Chidori and Rivalry with Naruto:

Sasuke was a person of exceptional qualities, since his sensei, Kakashi, took great interest in him due to Sasuke’s personality as Kakashi saw his reflection in him.

During the examination of Chunin selection, aspirants from other countries also participated in the examination.

During the 2nd stage of the examination team, 7 was attacked by Oruchimaru; who sealed Sasuke and made him seek afterward for great power but in reality, Oruchimaru wants to exploit for his gains.

Sasuke and Naruto made it to the 3rd and last stage of the exam and for that Sasuke was specially trained by Kakashi as his match was against one of the strongest candidate GARA.

For this Match, Kakashi taught Sasuke his special and fatal Jutsu, Chidori.

As the exam did reach a result because an incursion took place on Konoha Village and no chunin was selected. After a series of battles, Konoha was saved.

Sasuke’s rivalry with Naruto commenced when he started observing that the boy whom he used to mock and laugh at grown stronger than him as Naruto in the main course of battles always saved Sakura and Sasuke.

This exponential growth of Naruto’s strength made him more envious of him and during all this time he encountered Itachi with whom he fought and nearly ended dead in hospital.

After realizing that he has lagged, he starts seeking Oruchimaru to quench the thrust of power which made him leave the Konoha village and become a pawn of Oruchimaru.

Sasuke Uchiha Abilities:

Sasuke belongs to a clan of the most powerful Shinobi of Konoha since testament to it is Itachi whom oruchimaru is afraid of.

Susuke himself is not an ordinary Shinobi since he has qualities of a great Shinobi and ended up being a supporting Hokage later in the story.

Beside his many outstanding Jutsu, the most important to be mentioned here is Sharingan.

The same Sharingan that Kakashi has. Sharingan gives the ability to its owner to copy the Jutsu of the enemy.

Sasuke can activate his sharingan when he was in Team 7 and then after the Fourth Shinobi war his abilities to use Sharingan enhances as he reaches the level of Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sasuke can also activate Susano.

Redemption for his Evil deed and integrity for Konoha:

Sasuke as to avenge the death of the people of his clan and his family fights Itachi and came to know about the bitter truth regarding why his brother killed everyone including his parents.

Back then Konoha Village was attacked by the Nine tail fox to cope with it Minato the fourth Hokage and father of Naruto sacrificed his life and seal the power of the Nine tail fox in Naruto.

Konoha’s leaders suspect that one of the Uchihas was responsible for the attack on the village. They summon Itachi and ask him whether to pledge loyalty to the clan or to the village.

Itachi made his decision and pledged loyalty to his village and followed the order of the notable of the village and killed his clan including his parents.

But Sasuke was an exception as he was a child and was left to continue the legacy of the Uchiha clan.

Sasuke after knowing this becomes an enemy of Konoha and tries to destroy it, but his misconception was later cleared by all the Hokages.

After the 4th Shinobi war, he decides to stay loyal to his clan and vowed to protect it at the cost of his life.

Sasuke then becomes a supporting Hokage and marries his teammate Sakura.

In Boruto Next Generation, Sasuke has a daughter namely Sarada and he then trains Boruto son of Naruto Uzumaki.

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